Marriage - Oslo tinghus - 2016


"Som jordgubbarna smakade i tant Bertas sommarkvällsberså.
Som ett morronvin i maj.
Som Den Kärlekskranke av Grosz. 
Som Den Okända av Blok. 
Som klaviaturs allra sista strof. 
Som en promenad längs ödetomter vid Bernauer Strasse. 
Som när Whitney sjunger Dolly."

- Thåström -





Norwegian Hip-Hop - 2004


"Around the millennium, largely due to the (musical) progression in
the US and Sweden, there was a wave of Norwegian-language rap
that was both critically acclaimed and commercially successful."

- Norwegian dictionary -


It's a strange thing looking back at your past. The number 2004 doesn't really
mean anything to me, it's just a number. Like 2007 or 2012. There's something
puzzling about the new millennium that has seeped into our collective
consciousness. Example: American Graffiti is a movie made in the 70's about
the innocence of the 60's. Or GTA: Vice City, a video game from '02 about
the mafia lifestyle of the neon 80's. Yet, when it comes to anything after 2001
it doesn't really stand out for most of us. Movies like the Social Network might
be a major exception in dealing with the feel of a decade, but I think you
get my drift. The last 16 years feel like one big mess that we could simply label
"The Internet era". It's therefore interesting to look back and realise how much 
time has past, how so much really has changed. There was once a thriving
hip-hop scene in the small town of Larvik. 200 to 300 people would regularly
attend the organised "jams" in the area, to the point where it would attract big
underground acts from the US. CD's were still being sold back then, and local
rappers would print up their albums and sell it personally to attendees or in
the middle of the street if you happened to meet them. Times have changed
and it's hard to tell just who of us is on stage and who is in the crowd
anymore, and maybe that's a good thing. But I digress. Let's have a look
at the Norwegian Hip-Hop scene in 2004. Well over a decade ago.





Mental Disaster

"Du blir lei av kake og, ikke sant, så, så vi lager kneip."

- Fenriz -


Hi guys! So sorry for the lack of updates on the blog, (and Facebook too I
guess), as most people I've gotten a bit bored with social media (don't worry
i won't make a big "go hipster" speech) and so i've been a bit on the low with
sharing everything with everyone all the time. Also, several of the projects I've
been doing lately have been things that I can't really share here. BUT let's talk
about something I CAN share. Shot this amazing band not long ago. Great
people and I had a blast to the extent where the actual work and just having fun
became a big grey blur. If you want to support the band check out this site
and have a look. So without more ado, here are the pictures.



Girl in the park

"Som det strålar från ditt hjärta,
Som en motorväg av ljus."

- Kent -

Took a couple of pictures of this beautiful girl in the park. She had a
breathtaking smile so i had to steal it for my blog. Oh, it's also shot with an 
analog camera. I've been playing around with 35mm for some years now. It has
its ups and downs, but i would recommend any photographer starting out
(or not) to try shooting with film. You learn so much, and you probably only
have another 10 years before they shut down all the factories. I've been a
bit slow on the updates, sorry for that. At least i'm not spamming you on
Instagram with pictures of me on a beach, or working out. Jeez, who works out
anymore? In 20 years, we'll all be robots anyways! Take care.


Children in the park

"People have forgotten this truth,' the fox said. 'But you mustn't forget it.
You become responsible forever for what you've tamed. You're responsible for
your rose."

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry -


Joyful day in the park with these two awesome little models.
I know I'm getting old, cuz I had difficulties keeping up with them. 


byVik Clothing

"As simple as a secret being told, told to everyone but me."

- Blue October -


More stuff from your favorite, well maybe somewhere in your top 25,
photographer!. So anyways, this post will be a short one. Not sure how many of
these pictures I can post without getting into trouble, so I'll just publicize
the ones that the clients have done as well. See what i did there? I'm playing
it safe! So these are from my work with Nordic State, and byVik. Both clients
were so helpful and wonderful, the models were so talented and a joy to work
with! Oh, and be sure to pick up some of the clothes when you can.
So without further ado.




Wedding - Verdens Ende - Summer - 2014


"How long will I want you?
As long as you want me to,
And longer by far."

- The Waterboys -


Hello guys! Your favorite Marori here!
Today i bring you cute and mushy news: I worked with this fantastic couple from
Tønsberg. They got married this the summer, and I was called in to be a part of
the wedding. And what a wedding it was! I had a total blast. There's something
inherently sweet and corny (in a good way) about marriages, especially summer
ones. The blue sky, white flowers, kissing, smiling, gayness (in the old sense
of the word), oh, and alcohol! It's like The Notebook in a whiskey glass. And
I love it! Anyways, so i tagged along as the little fly on the wall and
captured what I could. And by what-i-could, I mean a LOT. The package the
client got contains far more pictures than shown here. I just thought you'd
like a taste of summer wedding. So, I hope you enjoy these photographs
about love and expensive dresses. And then you get back to basking in the sun!.

USS Morningstar out!




Bachelorette party


"You can't be wise and in love at the same time."

- Bob Dylan -


Blessed salutations, Marorionettes!.. Marorios?!... Morningstars?... Dear
readers! Today was a pretty nice day. I went and developed some film down at the
store (I'm a hipster!), watching all the weird people doing weird people stuff in
the city on the walk down. Then i finished the trip with a great sushi dinner.
Yum, yum! A week ago i worked with some lovely and funny girls in Stavern. Got to
run around in the sun, surrounded by laughter, smiles, and champagne! felt like i
had stumbled into someone else's girly blog. Great day! great girls!

In other news, there are a lot of posts that will be coming up. But as always
they have to be cleared by third parties. So patience my young Padawan!



Dead projects


"So here he lies at the last. The deathbed convert.
The pious debauchee. Could not dance a half measure, could I?
Give me wine, I drain the dregs and toss the empty bottle at the world.
Show me our Lord Jesus in agony and I mount the cross and
steal his nails for my own palms.
There I go, shuffling from the world. My dribble fresh upon the bible.
I look upon a pinhead and I see angels dancing.
Well? Do you like me now?
Do you like me now?"

- The Libertine -



After falling down the rabbit hole of my archives yet again, i've compiled a little set
of old projects. Most of them are dead, (which is why i feel i can finally show them)
while some are alive and kicking (Old man Morningstar, and "Den Svarte Mil"
to name a few). I juggle a lot of different roles in most of the projects i undertake,
and so i thought this would be nice way to showcase them. Enjoy!


Event poster - Photograph, logo, and design.

Event poster - Photograph, logo, and design.

Club poster - Photograph, and design.

Club poster - Photographs, logo, and design.

Fake book cover for a photo exhibit - Photographs, and design (Logo from "The Lesser
key of Solomon" - Unknown).

Fake book cover for a photo exhibit - Photographs, and design. ("Pauline Table of
Practice" from "The Lesser key of Solomon" - Unknown).

Podcast promotional poster - Photograph, logo and design.

Web-series promotional poster - Photograph, logo, and design.

Album cover quick sketch - Design, and logo (Picture "Peacekeeper missile testing" by the

Album cover quick sketch - Photograph, and design.

Album cover quick sketch - Design, and logo. (Picture from Illusion City - by Yukio


A day with A-lee



"I don't wanna get up early, or go get a job.
I just want to sleep all day, party hard.
Call up a girl that i used to sleep with.
Straight to the point, that's fucking easy

- A-lee -


The sun has just risen and i am slightly hungover. Last night started with pizza,
wine and bowling, and... Well anyways! It feels like the summer is finally here!
A good friend of mine has just dropped a great summer single; "New Day."
Which all you party people can find here. (I shot the cover for it) I also did
some promo pictures and went with him on the shooting of his new music
video for the same song (coming soon). And i had a blast! Sunny weather,
awesome crew, and lots of laughs. Oh, and i got to geek out with the DP about
lenses! how great isn't that? (Yes, i'm a nerd) Anyhow, i took a ton of pictures,
some of which magically found their way onto this blog ;) So i hope you guys
enjoy them :) And then turn off your phone and go play in then sun!


Anette-Marie Antonsen

""Now you're telling me you're not nostalgic.
Then give me another word for it.
You, who are so good with words,
and at keeping things vague."

- Joan Baez -


The lovely Anette-Marie returns :) We shot these in old school style with hard lighting.
Be sure to check out more of Anette-Marie Antonsen here.



Happy girls


"The most dangerous drink is gin.
You have to be really, really careful with that.
And you also have to be 45, female and sitting on the stairs.
Because gin isn't really a drink, it's more a mascara thinner.
'Nobody likes my shoes! I made... I made fifty... fucking vol-au-vents,
and not one of you... not one of you... said thank you.'
And my favourite: 'Everybody, shut up. Shut up! This song is all about me.'"

- Dylan Moran -



 Had a great shoot with a bachelorette party the other day. Happy and lovely girls
who made my job a lot easier. Here are a few of the pictures i took. Cheers!



A little bit of everything

"I'll see you when i see you."

- Frank Turner -

A little bit of everything. Enjoy!

Mizuz Inkaholik

"Parting is all we know of heaven, And all we need of hell."

- Emily Dickinson -


Stumbled over some negatives i shot back in 2010, and I thought now would be a good
time to make a couple of new pictures from them, in honor of the coolest girl I've ever had
the privilege to work with. Rest in peace.






"Jag har glömt min första kyss,
men jag minns klart och tydligt när jag fick Rolle Stoltz autograf."

- Thåström -

Took a couple of pictures for the Tønsberg Vikings the other day, whom were up against
Frisk Asker. Great game, with lots of hits. Tried to shoot in a style as far away from
regular press as possible. Yes i'm a hipster.
Anyways, I picked out a few for you guys to enjoy!


Nathan Menke

"Do you know me, Shadow" said Wednesday. He rode his wolf with his head high. His
right eye glittered and flashed, his left eye was dull. He wore a cloak with a deep, monklike
cowl, and his face stared out from the shadows. "I told you I would tell you my names.
This is what they call me. I am called Glad-of-War, Grim, Raider, and Third. I am
One-Eyed. I am called Highest, and True-Guesser. I am Grimnir, and I am the Hooded
One. I am All-Father, and I am Gondlir Wand-Bearer. I have as many names as there are
winds, as many titles as there are ways to die. My ravens are Huginn and Muninn,
Thought and Memory; my wolves are Freki and Geri; my horse is the gallows." Two
ghostly-gray ravens, like transparent skins of birds, landed on Wednesday's shoulders,
pushed their beaks into the side of Wednesday's head as if tasting his mind, and flapped
out into the world once more. What should I believe thought Shadow, and the voice came
back to him from somewhere deep beneath the world, in a bass rumble: Believe everything.
"Odin" said Shadow, and the wind whipped the word from his lips.
"Odin," whispered Wednesday"

- Neil Gaiman -


Abandoned cars


"Sick of the strength that it takes to keep going.
Sick as I'm losing this fight and it's showing."

- Tom Morello -


Somewhere in a Los Angeles parking lot they just dump their cars in the top floor for years
and years. Over time they've gathered dust, and so once in a while someone'll walk by and
write on them. This speaks volumes about the human condition. What, i don't know. We
eventually came across a security officer and asked him why those cars were allowed
abandoned, and then left there for so many years. His answer was kinda complex and
boring, the mystery; so much more fun. Which is why i'm not going to tell you!
Enjoy the pictures.


The wonderful Bones


"Jag är en storm från ingenstans.
Jag kan krossa ditt hjärta."

- Håkan Hellstrøm -


Bands you'll never see

"I could have been someone.
Well, so could anyone."

- The Pogues -

I went to a festival some time ago and saw an exhibit of garage bands.
They were all awesome, and they had a lot of star power. So i took a couple of pictures.





Jess & The Palms

"How blue is your heart?
Is it sad enough to break?
She said; 'It's sad enough to break.'
How long was your life?
Was it cold and strange like mine?"

- The Gaslight Anthem -



Wedding - Tjølling - Summer - 2013

 "I think of you in motion and just how close you are getting,
And how every little thing anticipates you.
All down my veins my heart-strings call;
Are you the one that I've been waiting for?"

- Nick Cave -


Stavern in the summer is pure magic.
I shot some pictures for a couple, some months ago,
and i had a blast all trough the entire day!
Gorgeous light, beautiful colors, and last but not least, fantastic people. :)




"Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul."

- William Ernest Henley -


Picture i took for the cover of Tonna Brix "Løvetannbarn"

Kiss me


"There is an ocean in my soul where the waters do not curve."

- Against Me! -


Horten Reggae Festival

"I won't hear you cry when I'm gone.
I won't know if I'm doing you wrong.
I never know if I'm doing you wrong"

- Mumford & Sons -


Wedding - Tjølling


"Depth over distance every time, my dear,
And this tree of ours may grow tall in the woods.
But it's the roots that will bind us here,
To the ground."

- Ben Howard -


Cecilie 3D


"The ease of your pose, the grace of your silhouette,
The way that your shoulders meet your slender neck"

- Against me! -



22 July








Playground kid

"The park is full of Sunday fathers
and melted ice cream.
We try to do the best within the given time.
A kid should be with his mother,
Everybody knows that.
What can a father do but baby-sit sometimes?"

- Sting -

Girl in the street

"Don't make me read your mind,
you should know me better than that.
It takes me too much time,
you should know me better than that."

- The National -



Sirius 2013


"You carry your own water, Ellery. You understand?
You carry your OWN water"

- Floyd Mutrux -

A picture i took of the talented Sirius.
Cool shoot, good weather. A lot of talk about absolutely nothing,
Just the way we like it!
Check out his new single here
Sirius "Promise" feat. Daniel de Bourg

A lot of pictures are done, and a lot are in the making.
Still, things have to be released, etc, etc. Before i can post them here,
so i hope you can "smear yourself with patience," as we say in Norwegian ;)



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