Bringing you up to speed

For whatever the tortures of hell,
I think the boredom of heaven would be even worse.

So name is Marori Morningstar as you might have guessed.
I'm a 23 year old Photographer working out of the sweet European pearl that is Norway
:P OK that was stretching it a bit.

gonna try to keep this blogg a little more interesting than just posting the stuff i eat.
I've been pretty busy this week, so the nest updates will be stuffed with a lot of work!



the 2 Exhibits went great! thank you everyone who attended!
we're currently working on yet another one, and trying to wrap up the entire
Random Heroes series too.




I'm also working on strenghtening my Girls portfolio.
so if you're a Female model you can contact me on this blogg





so that was a couple of pictures and some info.
if you have any questions or want your picture taken
feel free to contact me!

yours truly Marori

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26.05.2009 kl.17:42

Dette har vi snakket om fr Marori :P Jeg stiller gjerne opp mot bytte av viktig informasjon. Du vet kunnskap er makt. Du har kunnskap jeg vil ha, og trenger. Ergo, du har mer makt enn meg. ARG! I bytte kan jeg gi den et nytt bilde i portefoljen din, og jeg tror jeg kan dra frem noe av det helvete jeg har inni meg p bilder..

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