Nok en grillfest! :D

"They used to call the devil the father of lies.
But for someone whose sin is meant to be pride,
you'd think that lying would leave something of a sour taste.
So my theory is that when the devil wants to get something out of you,
he doesn't lie at all.
He tells you the exact, literal truth.
And he lets you find your own way to hell."

- Lucifer -

Var p grillfest p lrdagen :D
etter en lang dag p jobben med masse nye bilder som kommer snart! :)

Hahaha good times! ikke s mye si om lrdagen untatt at det ble fuktig og slitsomt :P ;)


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26.07.2010 kl.20:24

hm, fuktig og slitsomt? haha...

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