The Old times

"Really an agonizing scene to play,
And I was really just wiped out by what he was giving to it.
I remembered sitting in a room alone, writing this scene,
and to see this guy giving this much to this thing i had written, you know,
on its own was overwhelming.
And so i was sort of speechless, and i said cut after the 8th time.
And he came out of the bathroom and i just looked at him,
and he came up and saw how... What i was looking like.
He wiped the tears out of his eyes that were part of the scene,
grabbed a cigarette from his assistant, lit it, looked at me again.
He says, trying to answer my dilemma, looking at him.
he says: "It's good to have secrets, Seany"

- Sean Penn on directing Jack Nicholson -

Fotograferte en hyggelig og flink model med navn Peder.
Etter ha sett Lawless fikk jeg litt blod p tann, enjoy

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01.10.2012 kl.23:37

Fine :)


02.10.2012 kl.00:07

Guriland, s fineeeeee

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