A day with A-lee



"I don't wanna get up early, or go get a job.
I just want to sleep all day, party hard.
Call up a girl that i used to sleep with.
Straight to the point, that's fucking easy

- A-lee -


The sun has just risen and i am slightly hungover. Last night started with pizza, wine and bowling, and... Well anyways! It feels like the summer is finally here! A good friend of mine has just dropped a great summer single; "New Day." Which all you party people can find here. (I shot the cover for it) I also did some promo pictures and went with him on the shooting of his new music video for the same song (coming soon). And i had a blast! Sunny weather, awesome crew, and lots of laughs. Oh, and i got to geek out with the DP about lenses! how great isn't that? (Yes, i'm a nerd) Anyhow, i took a ton of pictures, some of which magically found their way onto this blog ;) So i hope you guys enjoy them :) And then turn off your phone and go play in then sun!




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