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"As simple as a secret being told, told to everyone but me."

- Blue October -


More stuff from your favorite, well maybe somewhere in your top 25, photographer!. So anyways, this post will be a short one. Not sure how many of these pictures I can post without getting into trouble, so I'll just publicize the ones that the clients have done as well. See what i did there? I'm playing it safe! So these are from my work with Nordic State, and byVik. Both clients were so helpful and wonderful, the models were so talented and a joy to work with! Oh, and be sure to pick up some of the clothes when you can.
So without further ado.






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31.07.2014 kl.18:35

Stilige bilder!

Victoria Wislff

31.07.2014 kl.18:44

Hper du har en fin torsdag s langt :)

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