Wedding - Verdens Ende - Summer - 2014



"How long will I want you?
As long as you want me to,
And longer by far."

- The Waterboys -


Hello guys! Your favorite Marori here!
Today i bring you cute and mushy news: I worked with this fantastic couple from Tnsberg. They got married this the summer, and I was called in to be a part of the wedding. And what a wedding it was! I had a total blast. There's something inherently sweet and corny (in a good way) about marriages, especially summer ones. The blue sky, white flowers, kissing, smiling, gayness (in the old sense of the word), oh, and alcohol! It's like The Notebook in a whiskey glass. And I love it! Anyways, so i tagged along as the little fly on the wall and captured what I could. And by what-i-could, I mean a LOT. The package the client got contains far more pictures than shown here. I just thought you'd like a taste of summer wedding. So, I hope you enjoy these photographs about love and expensive dresses. And then you get back to basking in the sun!

USS Morningstar out!






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