Girl in the park

"Som det strålar från ditt hjärta,
Som en motorväg av ljus."

- Kent -

Took a couple of pictures of this beautiful girl in the park. She had a
breathtaking smile so i had to steal it for my blog. Oh, it's also shot with an 
analog camera. I've been playing around with 35mm for some years now. It has
its ups and downs, but i would recommend any photographer starting out
(or not) to try shooting with film. You learn so much, and you probably only
have another 10 years before they shut down all the factories. I've been a
bit slow on the updates, sorry for that. At least i'm not spamming you on
Instagram with pictures of me on a beach, or working out. Jeez, who works out
anymore? In 20 years, we'll all be robots anyways! Take care.


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