Mental Disaster

"Du blir lei av kake og, ikke sant, så, så vi lager kneip."

- Fenriz -


Hi guys! So sorry for the lack of updates on the blog, (and Facebook too I
guess), as most people I've gotten a bit bored with social media (don't worry
i won't make a big "go hipster" speech) and so i've been a bit on the low with
sharing everything with everyone all the time. Also, several of the projects I've
been doing lately have been things that I can't really share here. BUT let's talk
about something I CAN share. Shot this amazing band not long ago. Great
people and I had a blast to the extent where the actual work and just having fun
became a big grey blur. If you want to support the band check out this site
and have a look. So without more ado, here are the pictures.



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