Norwegian Hip-Hop - 2004


"Around the millennium, largely due to the (musical) progression in
the US and Sweden, there was a wave of Norwegian-language rap
that was both critically acclaimed and commercially successful."

- Norwegian dictionary -


It's a strange thing looking back at your past. The number 2004 doesn't really
mean anything to me, it's just a number. Like 2007 or 2012. There's something
puzzling about the new millennium that has seeped into our collective
consciousness. Example: American Graffiti is a movie made in the 70's about
the innocence of the 60's. Or GTA: Vice City, a video game from '02 about
the mafia lifestyle of the neon 80's. Yet, when it comes to anything after 2001
it doesn't really stand out for most of us. Movies like the Social Network might
be a major exception in dealing with the feel of a decade, but I think you
get my drift. The last 16 years feel like one big mess that we could simply label
"The Internet era". It's therefore interesting to look back and realise how much 
time has past, how so much really has changed. There was once a thriving
hip-hop scene in the small town of Larvik. 200 to 300 people would regularly
attend the organised "jams" in the area, to the point where it would attract big
underground acts from the US. CD's were still being sold back then, and local
rappers would print up their albums and sell it personally to attendees or in
the middle of the street if you happened to meet them. Times have changed
and it's hard to tell just who of us is on stage and who is in the crowd
anymore, and maybe that's a good thing. But I digress. Let's have a look
at the Norwegian Hip-Hop scene in 2004. Well over a decade ago.





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