Beautiful people


"I just wanna feel real love,
feel the home that I live in.
'Cause I got too much life
running through my veins,
going to waste."

- Robbie Williams -

Whenever Awa enters the room all eyes are immediately fixed on her. She carries a certain youthful beauty that makes men plot and scheme as they make their way towards our table. After a few days by her side I can genuinely say I'm tired of the thirsty eligible bachelors who don't realise -or simply don't care- how transparent they come across, as they nod and pretend to be interested. Awa, in response always smile and laugh with them, seemingly effortlessly. I wonder what that does to a person. Never being able to say something wrong, always a coveted price, seldom seen as a true individual, actual and whole. I don't think I ever got to know the real Awa, I think she keeps that part just for herself and her family. 
The little I did get to know was that of a joyful, funny, and smart young lady.

We took these pictures of her and Fede; a handsome and gentle man who jumped screaming into the swimming pool fully clothed, as Argentina barely scraped through the group stage of the World Cup 2018. 

My life is richer having met them both.

















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