juli 2009

The Only living boy in Norway

"I've kind of had this `waiting for life to begin` sort of mentality and maybe it began a long time ago and i just havent caught up with it yet" - James Root - den lille sommeren vi...

Just Another Day At The Office Episode 1!

Frste episode om tattovren Isso, Fotografen Marori, og Butikk lederen Yoji!sjekk den ut! :DTRYKK HER

Just Another Day At The Office

"Fuck Michael, fuck him, fuck him, I don't give a fuck how good he can sing and dance! i got babies you nasty motherfucker!"- Katt Williams -Gutter og jenter;) Tida er snart inne, Fr...

Making wine, Edward Furlong, and swimming!

"I'm heading down to the Vertigans I'll pick you up, when I come by He said, this season has been extraordinary But, there's no particular reason why"- Janove Ottesen -aaaa fo...